After two months of work, v0.0.5

This is a very large update and I'm tired, so instead of re-reading all the recaps and writing a lengthy changelog I instead simply give you a summary of the current state of the game:

  • Mind-bending mechanics and puzzles that will make you think and think too much sometimes
  • Nine whole levels each with more than meets the eye (yes they are hard but beatable)
  • A handy map and a rewind function, easily gather your bearings and undo past mistakes in this overbearing world
  • Full joystick support
  • One... thing, tell me if you find it

Go play it now by easily clicking on the Download Now button below, sadly for you the game itself won't be so easy.

And last but not least, please LEAVE FEEDBACK, it's extremely important for me even if it's something as simple as "I got stuck in the third level" or "WHAT IS ALL IS NOISE OH GOD I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING BUT NOISE NOISE EVERYWHERE I'M DROWNING IN NOISE"


Windows - Harmonic v0.0.5b 47 MB
Jul 03, 2017
Linux - Harmonic v0.0.5b 57 MB
Jul 03, 2017
Mac - Harmonic v0.0.5b 45 MB
Jul 03, 2017

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