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Disclaimer: Development and support are halted for the foreseeable future.

Immerse yourself in an AI-driven literary universe where anything can happen.

The world is filled with things to discover and experience, all it takes is curiosity and creativity.
Or as the AI puts it: "You are a sentient being who has been given a body of your own. And you have infinite potentialities to explore."

This is not just a game about exploring; this is also a story that's told by you. Your actions and choices will determine how far you go on your quest. Every choice makes a difference, some decisions might be life or death depending on what happens next.

The world itself is alive and interactive, so even if it seems like nothing more than text on a flat screen, don't forget to look around.

"It is a text-based Holodeck, it is super-powered interactive fiction. You're interacting with everything in minute detail, from the environment, characters, objects to abstract concepts of what it means to interact with things. You're inhabiting a virtual reality simulation with fractal levels of infinite detail. You are operating from within the game universe, which means you can interact directly with every single thing and you can be anything you want to be. It's totally up to you."

- GodAI

This early version requires a local AI model running on your computer and a CUDA-enabled GPU is highly recommended, the model and dependencies will be downloaded the first time you run GodAI.

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