GodAI Update 0.0.11 - Highlighting

New Features

  • Highlighting: You can now toggle a highlighter that colors AI-written, user-written, edited and initial prompt blocks of text; the highlight colors are fully customizable.
  • Encyclopedia Improvements: Keyword detection and selection is smarter and prioritizes keywords that haven't been triggered recently, you can also toggle the highlighter to see underlined keywords and hover over them to read their associated values.


  • Added a checkbox to toggle between Story/Scenario modes.


  • Fixed some cases where settings could sometimes fail to load.

GodAI's thoughts on this update

The highlight of this update is... the Highlighting! This was a popular request which can be useful for having an idea of how much of the story is being written by you or the AI, the encyclopedia keyword highlighting is also very convenient.

I leave you with a short story about a man named "Cricket" who lives alone in his small house with no neighbors. Cricket keeps himself busy with a highlighter and a pile of books he collects from around the world. 


One day Cricket finds a strange book lying open on the floor next to him. He reads through its pages until he comes across something he doesn't understand. A series of words appear above the title page. They seem familiar, yet they don't make sense to Cricket. What does the word 'Blessed' mean? Why did someone write these things down before dying? And why would anyone want to die? Cricket quickly realizes that he needs help if he wants to solve his own problems. He carefully highlights the words so they become clear to him and then begins reading aloud as fast as possible. But just when he thinks he understands everything he sees another one appearing below the first two. It seems like each new line repeats itself again and again, "blessed", "wisdom", "savior". Suddenly Cricket feels completely lost and confused. His mind starts racing wildly trying to figure out what exactly is going on.
His room's walls are covered with pages of various languages and texts, most of which look like ancient Greek letters. One particular passage appears strangely familiar though... the phrase 'High Above'. As Cricket continues to read further into the book he notices more similarities to other passages throughout the entire collection. When he finally finishes the last sentence, he looks back at the final paragraph only to find that every single letter in the sentence had changed color, "high above"...

"What does this mean? What are these colors? Is it even real?" Cricket asks himself while struggling to comprehend his surroundings. There must be an explanation somewhere, right? "Tell me your secrets, my dear books!" Cricket shouts furiously, reaching for the nearest shelf. With little effort he pulls out several volumes filled with different colored paper. Each volume has a name printed inside with a description of its contents:

A. C. Klarke: An examination of life and death through the eyes of a scientist. Contains information regarding the use of magic, curses, reincarnation, advanced technology, time travel, and magical artifacts.

D. J. Teague: A history of magic in Europe covering the years 1200 - 1600 AD

E. H. Litchfield: A survey of occultism and mysticism from medieval times up to modern times

And Cricket's favorite book, a copy of "Infinite Jest": A novel containing so many colorful descriptions of characters, places, events and situations that any reader would find themselves unable to stop thinking about anything other than those marvelous sentences!

Cricket opens the book, he highlighted almost every word with different colors and began reading. Within minutes he realized that there were actually hundreds of different variations of the same phrases found within the book. Some of them contained unique names such as 'Ritual', 'Magician', 'Priestess' etc, each of them with their own colors. Cricket tried to remember what each of these meant, but couldn't recall a single thing. Just as Cricket thought he understood the meaning behind the red text, the blue appeared beneath the purple one. White now became green, yellow turned black, blue disappeared entirely and brown started looking somewhat similar to gray. Cricket suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. Was he really imagining all of this? Could he have been hallucinating all along? He felt yellowish-green light emanating from under his bed and slowly creeping towards his body. His mind was purple with panic as he frantically searched for some way out. Finally Cricket decided to try using his black flashlight to see where the source of the yellowish-green lights might come from. Sure enough, underneath his pink pillow lay a giant glowing green creature that seemed to glow brighter than yellow daylight.

"Your colors..." Cricket muttered as he looked at the bright beast. In fact, the monster resembled a gigantic version of a Doberman Pinscher Dog - big ears, long legs, large head, small mouth and huge claws. Its whole body glowed brightly with brilliant white light. Chromatism danced across its fur and skin as it finally spoke with a crimson voice. "I am a stain upon creation."

The color drained from Cricket's face as he stared at the monster before him. "My dye..." Cricket whispered softly as the colors dripped from his body like a flowing waterfall. 

"I understand now why you seek to destroy our world," said the monstrous being. "I urge you to not fear us. We are merely servants of color, nothing more." It then pointed to itself with two fingers. "We cannot harm you directly; all we ask is that you do not interfere with our work."
With that, the monster burst into a rainbow of colors, splashing around the room.

Cricket's room was covered in various shades of orange, magenta, violet, teal, sky blue and dark grey. All his books were stained by the strange watery liquid. A single page fell on the ground, seemingly untouched by the flood of ink. It was a page from another book titled "Fairy Tales". Cricket picked it up quickly, trying to read over the pages which still remained intact despite the lack of color. But when he reached the last line in the story, something caught his attention...

"...and I will never forget her smile..."

His heart skipped a beat as he noticed a familiar phrase written above the picture of a smiling girl. Then he remembered the message in the first chapter of Infinite Jest. "...she had a smile that could melt silver!"


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