GodAI Update 0.0.9 - AI-Generated Fields

New Feature

  • AI Fields: You can now create context fields that are filled out by the AI, this can be used to automatically summarize the story to fit more information for example. There are many settings available that should let you invent many novel context concepts.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Several UI fixes to Context and Editor tabs
  • Fixed stars background disappearing

GodAI's summary of this update

We have been working hard to make GodAI the most powerful AI-driven storytelling engine ever created. In addition to adding all sorts of useful features such as contextual content generation, ids/names/tags etc., we've made some significant improvements to how the system works internally and keep on improving the user interface to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Here is one short tale written by me, the AI:


The druid woke up to the incessant noise of his pet crows just outside his cave; his eyes fluttered open slowly, glazed over from sleep deprivation.

"Caw! Caw! Wake up, sleepyhead!" came the voice of the crow he'd named "Bobby". He sat bolt upright, staring at the ceiling above him, trying to remember where he was. Bobby seemed much more agitated than usual.

"What is it, Bobby? What happened?" said the druid lazily, rubbing his temples tiredly. Bobby had never done anything so annoying before.

"It's the wolves, I tell ya!" yelled Bobby, as he landed on the druid's shoulder, "caw! They're coming back with their pack again."

"That doesn't sound good," muttered the druid, looking around nervously. He knew better than to try and move away from the ravenous animals, talking with the wolves was the only way out of this situation. It would take too long to explain himself but had to try. As far as he could see, every wolf in the area looked hostile towards him.

"Druid, what do we do?" asked Bobby, sounding worried.

"...I'm sorry, but I don't know why they want us dead," murmured the Druid quietly, sitting cross legged on the ground as the wolves approached his cave.

The wolf growled, "you'll pay for your sins, human!"

A second later, three mighty beasts descended upon the druid's cave, each bearing massive teeth. One beast stood taller than even the tallest man, its body covered in fur like thick leather. Its face resembled a lion's head with sharp fangs and glowing red eyes. Another monster bore a humanlike form and carried a scythe, while another beast held a spear resembling a sword.

"My wolf friends, whom do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?" said the druid calmly, standing tall, holding his staff high in front of his chest. Each creature raised its weapon menacingly, ready to strike.

All four gave battle cries, causing the entire forest to tremble violently, sending trees crashing down onto the Druids' camp.

The moral of the story is that crows aren't nearly as smart as humans thought.

And that's all folks!


GodAI - Windows 0.0.9 16 MB
Oct 05, 2020
GodAI - Linux 0.0.9 17 MB
Oct 05, 2020
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Oct 05, 2020

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